Pre-bankruptcy Credit Counseling | Clearpoint Credit Counseling (2024)

Clearpoint’s online pre-bankruptcy credit counseling (also referred to as “pre-filing” or “pre-petition” counseling) allows you to earn the certificate that is required by US Bankruptcy Code before you can file for bankruptcy. Our unique counseling program provides several key benefits:

  • Receive your certificate instantly upon completing the counseling
  • Complete the counseling at your own pace
  • Talk one on one with our experienced counselors about your specific situation

This counseling will give you a better understanding of all the options available to you and will prepare you for the rest of the bankruptcy process.

How It Works

Here’s a look at how the counseling process works and what you should expect.

1. Provide your financial information

In the session, you will provide various pieces of information about your financial situation, including details about why you are filing for bankruptcy. Here are the specifics you will need to provide:

  • Income documentation (including W-2s/paystubs, Social Security payments, alimony, and child support)
  • Information on your expenses (including your mortgage or rent payments, food, insurance, childcare, utilities, and transportation expenses). Note: your checkbook is a good resource for calculating your expenses.
  • A list of the debts you owe (including statements for credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and loans against your 401K)

For each debt, you will need to provide:

  • The amount owed
  • The interest rate
  • The monthly payment amount
  • The account number
  • Whether it is a joint account

Once this information is submitted, you will be provided with a “financial situation analysis.” This helpful dashboard will show your credit score, income, expenses and net worth, and prepare you for your conversation with a counselor.

2. Chat with a counselor

Next, you will chat with a counselor who will review your file, discuss payment plans and other alternatives to bankruptcy, and help you prepare for the rest of the bankruptcy process. Some topics your counselor might cover include:

  • Tips for handling financial challenges, such as auto loan delinquency
  • Direct negotiation with your creditors (for credit cards or medical debts)
  • Direct negotiation with your mortgage servicer
  • Supplementary housing counseling
  • A debt management program
  • The dangers of other bankruptcy alternatives, such as payday loans and debt settlement

To reach an NFCC certified counselor, simply click “Chat” when you are ready. We are available to support you: Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm (CST), Friday, 9am-6pm (CST), excluding major holidays.

Important note: Chatting with a counselor is a mandatory part of the counseling.

3. Receive your certificate

Once you have completed the counseling program, your certificate will be available! You will receive your certificate in one of three ways:

  • Via email (if you provide us with an email address)
  • Via US Mail if you do not provide us with your email address (please allow 3 business days)
  • Via email to your attorney (if you provide your attorney’s four digit firm code or enter your attorney’s email address on the registration page)

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*Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions is now a division of Money Management International, Inc. (MMI). You will now be transferred to MMI’s online site to begin your session. Pre-Bankruptcy is Course 1: Before Filing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions (and answers!) about our pre-bankruptcy credit counseling:

How long does the counseling take?

The counseling takes about 60 minutes, but remember that you can work at your own pace and start and stop as needed.

How much does this cost?

The fee for this service is typically $50 per household, depending on your state of residence. Some clients receive free counseling after qualifying for a fee waiver. Read more about fee waivers here.

What type of payment is accepted?

You will be given the option to pay by debit card, check-by-phone, billing code, cashier’s check, or money order.

Can I complete this with my spouse/partner?

Yes, you and your spouse or partner can complete this counseling together.

Will there be a credit inquiry?

Yes, this counseling requires a credit inquiry. This is a “soft” pull of your credit, however, and will not affect your credit score or show on any third party credit report requests. The information from your credit report will allow your counselor to provide the best advice possible, and will help us ensure that the information you provide matches what the credit bureaus have on record.

Is this service offered in Spanish?

Yes, this counseling is available in English and Spanish.

Read our full bankruptcy FAQ for answers to many other questions.

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Here are some other articles you may find helpful while researching bankruptcy counseling or the bankruptcy process in general.

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  • What’s BAPCA and How Does it Affect My Bankruptcy

    BAPCA is important bankruptcy reform law that took effect in 2005 and still has major implications for bankruptcy today. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with BAPCA.

  • Bankruptcy Counseling FAQ

    Still have questions? No worries, just check out our full FAQ, which goes into more detail about bankruptcy counseling.

Ready to Get Started?

Earn your certificate in our self-paced online course.

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*Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions is now a division of Money Management International, Inc. (MMI). You will now be transferred to MMI’s online site to begin your session. Pre-Bankruptcy is Course 1: Before Filing.

Clearpoint is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency’s services.

Ready to Start Pre-Filing Counseling?

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*Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions is now a division of Money Management International, Inc. (MMI). You will now be transferred to MMI’s online site to begin your session. Pre-Bankruptcy is Course 1: Before Filing.

As a seasoned expert in financial counseling and credit management, I can provide valuable insights into the comprehensive pre-bankruptcy credit counseling program offered by Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions. My extensive experience in this field allows me to shed light on the intricacies of the process and its importance within the context of the US Bankruptcy Code.

Clearpoint's online pre-bankruptcy credit counseling serves as a pivotal step for individuals contemplating bankruptcy, helping them obtain the necessary certificate required by the US Bankruptcy Code before filing. This unique counseling program distinguishes itself by offering several key benefits that set it apart from conventional services:

  1. Instant Certificate Issuance: Upon completing the counseling session, individuals receive their certificate instantly. This efficiency streamlines the bankruptcy filing process.

  2. Self-Paced Learning: The program allows participants to complete the counseling at their own pace. This flexibility accommodates varying schedules and ensures a more personalized learning experience.

  3. One-on-One Sessions with Experienced Counselors: Participants have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with experienced counselors who provide personalized guidance based on the individual's specific financial situation.

The counseling process involves a structured approach, starting with the submission of detailed financial information. Participants must provide comprehensive details, including income documentation, expense breakdowns, and a list of debts. This information is then used to generate a "financial situation analysis" dashboard, displaying crucial data such as credit score, income, expenses, and net worth.

Following the submission of financial information, participants engage in a conversation with a counselor. These counselors, certified by the NFCC, cover a range of topics essential to the bankruptcy process. This includes tips for handling financial challenges, negotiation strategies with creditors, and information on alternative options to bankruptcy.

The counseling session delves into various aspects, such as handling auto loan delinquency, negotiating with creditors (including credit cards or medical debts), dealing with mortgage servicers, exploring supplementary housing counseling, and understanding the risks associated with alternative bankruptcy solutions like payday loans and debt settlement.

One distinctive feature is the mandatory chat with a counselor, a crucial part of the counseling process. The availability of certified counselors during specific hours ensures timely and expert support.

Upon successful completion of the counseling program, participants receive their certificate through email or US mail, depending on their preference and the provided contact information.

Clearpoint's commitment to transparency is evident in the Frequently Asked Questions section, addressing concerns about the duration of counseling, associated costs, accepted payment methods, and the availability of services in Spanish.

In conclusion, Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, now a division of Money Management International, Inc. (MMI), is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. This endorsem*nt underscores the agency's commitment to maintaining high standards in providing financial counseling services. If you are ready to initiate the pre-bankruptcy counseling process, the self-paced online course awaits your enrollment.

For further resources and insights, additional articles on topics such as shopping for bankruptcy counseling, the impact of BAPCA (Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act), and a comprehensive bankruptcy FAQ are available to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their financial future.

Pre-bankruptcy Credit Counseling | Clearpoint Credit Counseling (2024)


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